jonifide's full skate line and shop will be closed till further notice. we will still offer top

sellers and left over merchandise (until it is gone). thanks to all the great customers who

made this ride fun and successful


you thought the old decks  were strong, wait till you ride these new ones. lighter and stronger with more trick control!!

made in southern california of north American hard rock maple. assorted stained vaneers and natural.


Price: $22.99


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trucks    priced per set(2)

venture Qty: wpeF.jpg (1574 bytes) Price: $27.99


wpe10.jpg (1920 bytes)

       Qty: Price:$29.99

wpe2.jpg (2010 bytes)

micro surface Qty: Price: $13.99 size:


grind king Qty: Price: $29.99